Plugins are libraries that integrate with Cesium and add functionality.

Plugin Description Developer

Cesium Elevation Gradient

An imagery provider that renders a combination of color gradient, hillshade and contour lines to help visualize terrain elevation.

Propeller Aerobotics

Cesium Navigation

A Cesium plugin that adds to the Cesium map a compass, navigator (zoom in/out), and distance scale

Alberto Acevedo

Cesium Sensors

A Cesium plugin for visualizing sensor volumes.

Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Cesium GWT

GWT wrappers around Cesium APIs (initial implementation, looking for more contributors).

Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC


Integrating Cesium with VR-enabled browsers.



Allows users to push the terrain up or down within a defined region.



A terrain provider for use with GeoServer.

Ministere de la Defense FRANCE


Adds shape drawing and editing capability to Cesium.

Geocento Ltd.


Adds navigation using the Leap Motion controller to Cesium.


Materials Pack

Procedurally-shaded materials such as bricks, wood, and noise patterns.

Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Starter App

A simple JavaScript starter app for creating apps with Cesium. Just fork and start coding.

Analytical Graphics, Inc.


Graphics assets, including imagery, stars, and textures, packaged for use with Cesium.

Analytical Graphics, Inc.

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